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Keeping Religious Institutions Secure

Churches and religious institutions carry out a lot of functions on a daily basis. These organizations hold services, host events, and even offer education. All of these activities can expose religious institutions and/or houses of worship to numerous risks, and each of these risks can lead to significant costs if the risks are unmitigated. For this reason and others it’s very important for churches to have some form of liability protection, and insurance provides this protection. At Rich Davis & Associates we offer a comprehensive church and religious institution insurance program, and this program provides the coverages that almost any institution needs to stay fully protected for the right price. We adapt this program to fit the needs of individual organizations and we will adapt it to you.

Your Church Deserves Comprehensive Coverage

We work with Utica National Insurance Group to provide extensive and flexible church insurance. Through our partnership with Utica we offer adaptable and thorough packages that meet the needs of virtually any religious institution. Our packages start with base policies and basic coverages for structures and property and coverages that protect against liabilities. Once basic coverages are in place we include additional coverages that make protection complete. These additional coverages include building ordinances or law, pollution, and money & securities.

The coverages available to you include:

As a partner of Utica Insurance we are able to offer preferred pricing for qualified accounts. You may qualify for this pricing and if you do, you can save terrific amounts of money, be eligible for expanded coverage, and can reduce overall costs. As a partner of Utica’s we also offer another important feature: waiver of subrogation clause. This clause allows you to give up to the right to file a claim against an organization or group that uses your church with your permission for some event or other gathering. The clause exists in order to preserve the spirit of giving and to prevent organizations that cannot afford any losses from being sued or forced to pay out-of-pocket expenses.

Your church may be in an area in which wind, water, earthquake, and other natural disaster-related damages regularly occur. If this is so, you may want to add special coverage to your policy. Just ask your agent at Rich Davis & Associates how you can get this coverage.

Working with Rich Davis & Associates to Find a Solution

We’ve insured churches, houses of worship, and religious institutions with comprehensive and specialized packages for years and our provider is A-rated. We know the demands that religious institutions face and we understand how to meet these demands. We’re also local, so we bring knowledge of the areas in which the institutions we serve are located to our solutions. This helps ensure that our solutions are optimal.

We provide more than affordable and effective products however, as we deliver extensive and personalized services. We manage risk and claims and we help keep our clients informed. This enables clients to make the best decisions, reduce costs, and achieve suitable claims resolutions. We’re also fully available, so if clients need help resolving emergencies, changing coverage, or answering questions, we’re there.


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